Let your life speak…

Life murmurs…it whispers all around you.

Stories are being told by bent blades of grass; a coyote’s howl on the distant wind; a bird’s song above the trees.

The information that is “life” surrounds you.  How are you to hear it?  How do you begin to let it inform you once again?

Start by honoring it. Make space for it in your life.

It flows in natural rhythms and knows nothing of Man’s invention of time.

Remember its ancient language of pulse and impulse, color and context, music and metaphor, symbol and story.

Learn to lie belly-flat in the dirt of your own soul,

with one ear to the ground, listening for what stirs there.

Listen closely. It almost never shouts. It  murmurs.

Listen through cupped hands to your own heart, and

wait in silence for the next sound that is your life force beating inside you.

At last, be still long enough to let it move you.