Do you have the time?

Something happened today that perfectly illustrates why I believe we need more breathing room in our densely-packed, over-scheduled lives.

An old friend’s father died. Suddenly.  This was not a scheduled event.  It wasn’t penciled-in  on anyone’s calendar in advance.

It is, however, an event of importance.  Certainly it was to my old friend and his family.  And to me, as well.  My friend is important to me.  My value of caring and comfort are important to me.  My value of service to others is important to me.  My value that “matters of the soul matter” is important to me.

I did the only thing I knew to do.  I borrowed time.  Correction –  I flat out stole it.  I have no intention of returning it to the place from where it was taken.  No interest will accumulate.

And let’s be clear. There is no one to blame here. There is no regret. We do what we must do about the things that matter most because to NOT do so leaves us feeling less than whole.

A little less sleep.  One less poem is written.  A little less time with family may be spent. A meal may be skipped. A decision may be made to go without Almond Milk until the weekend.  Somehow, you just fit it in.

I don’t know how to be more spiritually “efficient.”   Caring about and for others takes time.  Being of service to others takes time.  It’s often messy and inefficient because human souls are just like that sometimes.

What are we to do when something  important comes along  and we have no idle resources available to apply to it?

How do you make time to show you care?



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