Dance of Compassion

I know life hasn’t been gentle with you lately . . .

I just want to help you remember

that many of life’s extraordinary blessings

come to us masquerading

as our most profound challenges.

For, how else are we to discover

the full depth and measure of ourselves?

How else are we to fully appreciate

that which matters most?

How else to experience

the fullness of our humanity?

And, to fully understand compassion?

Our ultimate comfort is not to be found in gaining control of life.

Rather, we are triumphant when we find ways to accept life

with a grateful heart. A heart that transcends our fears

with the eternal wisdom that, no matter what happens,

we are always whole and complete.

So, my friend, I simply wish to remind you that you are loved.

Allow yourself to rest in the knowledge

that you are all that you need to be,

have all you need to have,

and know all you need to know

to manage the fullness that is life’s perfection.

And then, even when it shows up

no matter its costume,

you have only to thank if for coming,

and then to invite it to dance.



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