Finding the Gift in the Present

We continue to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of our world, and are thankful for every minute of the past year. Some have been more challenging than others, and all have been gifts.

Along the way we learned to embrace uncertainty, and to trust that we are Divinely guided and supported by Life itself.  Perhaps uncertainty is what brings about the kind of transformation our world needs. It has certainly helped us focus on gratitude, and not taking anything for granted. We realize just how abundantly blessed we truly are.

Uncertainty anchors us in the present.  Our grip on the controls of the future eventually succumbs to fatigue. We realize that “now” is all we truly have, and we are motivated to make the most of it.

Being present in the present, we notice the miracles happening before our very eyes, every day.  The present is where we find evidence of God.

Wishing you a year’s worth of presents and every day miracles!



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