Ever thought about moving to paradise?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to leave it all behind, move to a tropical island, and live your dream?  Well, we have, too.  Now my husband and I are in the middle of relocating to the Caribbean. You know…. turquoise water, white sand beaches, palm trees, perpetual summer…..yes, there!

You may be thinking, “Who really does that?”  Of course, everyone is in love with the idea….but it’s nearly a violation of a sacred trust to actually do it.

Sure, like most of you, we’re aware that their are plenty of reasons for leaving well enough alone.  We were happy, living in a beautiful city along the front range of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Good jobs, majestic mountains, four seasons, 300+ days of sunshine, good friends and family. Life was good!

Admittedly, our decision may not have been rational… it’s something other… a decision informed by things like dreams, intuition, instinct, and “callings.”

So, if you’re also in love with the idea of moving to paradise, or you’re one of those special people who believes in dreams coming true, then you’re in the right place to explore the possibility without all the mess and fuss.

I’ll save you the trouble of quitting your job and having your friends and family question your sanity. I’ve already left my job (with all of the mixed emotions you might imagine) and defended my mental health, and Project Paradise is full speed ahead.

Please, stick around!  I invite you to join me on the journey. I’ll do all the heavy lifting, and you can try it on, risk-free, and find out if the reality is anything like you imagine it.   I can’t promise that it will be, but I can promise you a true life story unfolding in real-time… a candid recounting of my experience leaving a conventional American life to explore the possibilities on a tropical island and ‘living the dream’ with the love of my life!

Come on, let’s order up a round of rum punch and have some island fun!



Mended Spirits

Perhaps, like mine,

your spirit has been mended

in the broken places.

You know . . .

those wounds we sustain

from traveling halfway around

the Circle of Life.

For some of us, life begins

in the middle. . .

as a firestorm of loss and change,

and the deepest despair we’ve ever known.

And through it all we are kept aloft

like a feather caught by a breeze . . .

with nothing beneath us but the breath of angels.

We learn that scorched earth

is as much a beginning as it is an ending,

intended not to punish but to cleanse;

and that love and life are eternal.

Revealed are our seeds of Truth,

rooted in the fertile soil

of Wisdom and Gratitude.

And it is there that we grow and thrive

in the unfiltered brilliance of infinite possibility.

And so, this is the way our spirits are strengthened . . .

at first by the breaking; and at last by the mending.