Mended Spirits

Perhaps, like mine,

your spirit has been mended

in the broken places.

You know . . .

those wounds we sustain

from traveling halfway around

the Circle of Life.

For some of us, life begins

in the middle. . .

as a firestorm of loss and change,

and the deepest despair we’ve ever known.

And through it all we are kept aloft

like a feather caught by a breeze . . .

with nothing beneath us but the breath of angels.

We learn that scorched earth

is as much a beginning as it is an ending,

intended not to punish but to cleanse;

and that love and life are eternal.

Revealed are our seeds of Truth,

rooted in the fertile soil

of Wisdom and Gratitude.

And it is there that we grow and thrive

in the unfiltered brilliance of infinite possibility.

And so, this is the way our spirits are strengthened . . .

at first by the breaking; and at last by the mending.



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