This blog is about my creative spiritual journey from the Rocky Mountains to Tropical Paradise following my heart and my art. It is my intention to choose, again and again, to creatively live a life of joy, love, and beauty, even in troubling times

The journey is about the art of becoming…a fuller, bolder version of self. It is about the importance of storytelling, and how it helps us make meaning of our lives. Ultimately, it’s about writing, and finding the truest voice within.  And hopefully, once found, using that voice to locate the rest of the tribe. It’s about, as it so often is, the hero’s journey. It is about unlearning the “life is hard” mantra. It’s about allowing life to flow, in and out like the tides.

B. love always,

Bridget Skjordahl
Mixed Media Jewelry Artist
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands